Characteristically,most of
the propolis constituents
do not dissolve in water.
and were thus extracted by
alcohol.The micelle
method of extraction
essentially baced on self-
catalytic reaction.The
micelles are flexible
microcapsules composed
of propolis constituents
and fatty acid esters of
plant orign.

Propolis Macrocosmos created by bees

Many byproducts produced by bees bestow bounty to human life. Propolis, or beeswax, is one of them and it is widely known in many parts of the world as a health supportive natural product.

Propolis is a resinous mixture of sap and pollen collected by honey bees and solidified by bees’ own secretions. It is used to seal unwanted open space in the hive to protect the hive against intruders. The term “Propolis” derives from the Greek “pro” (front, or in defense of ), and “polis” (city) and means “defense of a city".

Surprisingly there is a very long history of utilization of Propolis by human beings. Characteristics of propolis are described in the book, “History of Animals” written by an ancient Greek philosopher, Aristoteles. In the Middle Ages, it is said that the Crusaders carried Propolis during expeditions. In ancient Inca, Propolis was used as holy balm in a sacred ritual to enshrine God.

Although we can see many reference to Propolis in historical literatures, Propolis has only become globally popular in the late 20th century. In the 1980s, CPI (Coletor de Propolis Inteligente or Intelligent Propolis Collection) method was invented and it significantly boosted the productivity of Propolis and enabled wider distribution.

In 1999, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University (presently Toyama University) presented a paper on their research of the base plants of Propolis at the annual congress of International Federation of Beekeepers’Associations (Apimondia). The research reported the importance and competitiveness of Baccaris, one of the root plants unique for Brazilian Propolis.

The presentation impacted the Propolis market. A lot of research on Propolis is still being conducted by many researchers throughout the world and Propolis’s marvelous efficacy has been gradually clarified and scientifically understood.

We cannot take our eyes off Propolis’s unlimited potentialities that has been and will be supporting our healthy life.

Micelle Extraction Our Original Extraction Method

Micelle Extracts changed common extract practice

Micelle extract, our original extract method, is a breakthrough method which does not use any alcohol during the extraction process.

Micelle is an aggregate of certain molecules and ions dispersed in a liquid solution. Several molecules and ions are pulling to each other to form a small ball-shaped aggregate.

The small ball consists of lipophilic central part and hydrophilic surrounding part, and due to this special characteristic, the materials which do not dissolve in water behave as though being dissolved. Also as molecules and ions are constantly moving within the ball, micelle also has ability to facilitate osmosis and migration.

Micelle extract is a “filter and select extracting method” which can extract contain lipophilic active elements within Propolis in the central part of the ball and hydrophilic active elements in the surrounding layers of the ball.

Merits of Micelle Extracts

Micelle extracts, which combine advantages of water extracts and efficiencies of alcohol extracts, enabled extraction of active elements within Propolis more efficiently in one go. Due to the nature of micelle, micelle extracted propolis can be very efficiently absorbed by human body when they are drunk. Also because micelle extracted propolis is alcohol free, it can be safely consumed irrespective of age.


The long-selling products produced using micelle extract method.

Propolis standard elements 200mg per 1ml

Liquid type Propolis produced using our unique micelle extract method. Unlike other Propolis products, ESTA PRONTO contains both active elements which can be extracted by water and active elements that can be extracted by alcohol. Since ESTA PRONTO is alcohol free, it can be consumed by children and those who do not drink alcohol.


gummi capsule contains Propolis freeze-dried powder.

Propolis standard elements 60mg per tablet

Gummi capsule contains Propolis freeze-dried powder that was developed applying micelle extract method. The capsule is coated with sweet gummi and can be taken without water. Gummi capsules are convenient for taking along as they are contained in the zipped aluminum bag.

Propolis Candy

candy made from 2 kinds of Propolis’s extractive components.

Propolis standard elements 28mg per candy

Our Propolis Candy educe Propolis’s intrinsic taste. It is very tasty and can be enjoyed by everybody.

Propolis extracts used in PROPLIS CANDY are mixture of popular methanol (alcohol) extracts and micelle extracts which are milder. By mixing up both extracts we have achieved to produce delicious candies with rich Propolis flavor.


Brazil side

Base Plant Baccaris

Since Propolis is made from sap and pollen of plants around the hive, elements of Propolis substantially vary depending on the environment and acervate plants around the hive. One of the representative base plants of Propolis made in State of Minas Gerais in Brazil is Baccaris (scientific name: Baccaris dracunculifolia). The research found that characteristics of Propolis made in Minas Gerais is closely related to some elements contained in the shoot of Baccaris.

Honey bees producer of Propolis

Brazilian Propolis is produced by Africanized honey bees, which is incidentally a crossed hybrid of African honey bee and Western honey bee. Africanized honey bees combines high producing capability of Western honey bee and strength of African honey bee. They also are resistant to diseases, hence the beekeepers do not need to use agrichemical or antibiotic and there is no need to worry about contamination.

CPI method

CPI (Coletor de Propolis Inteligente or Intelligent Propolis Collection) method can produce high quality of sheet-like Propolis with extremely low inclusion of impurity by adjusting the size of open space of the hive. Our propolis is produced by this method with a great deal of care by the local beekeepers in Brazil. Our local partner in Brazil work closely with the beekeepers and takes care of entire processes to export propolis raw materials under ISO9001 and HACCP. Propolis we import from our local partner in Brazil is limited to high quality propolis which exceeds the internal standard agreed and setup between us.

JAPAN side

Extracts of propolis are done in Japan

Propolis raw materials which are shipped by air directly from our partner’s factory in Brazil are kept under closely controlled conditions in a cold box upon arrival at our Nasu factory until they are used for the extractions. During storage, analysis of component is conducted to determine optimal extraction.
Propolis are extracted using our original extraction method, micelle extract. All the final products are quality checked and we deliver to the market only products which meets our internal standard.

Control by Serial Numbers

Serial number is attached to each bottle of Esta Pronto Regular Pack and Esta Pronto Family Pack in order to secure our customers’ safety, and also to carry our thorough quality control during the distribution process. Since the number is unique, we can track to such details as the lot number of raw materials, production record and shipping details.

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